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  • Healing, Wholeness, & Wellness
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    Healing, Wholeness, & Wellness

    The recent increase in mental health awareness is beautiful to see. For so long, mental wellness was either denied, undermined, or lumped with physical wellness. There is definitely a need to increase awareness so that people can learn how to better care for themselves. But oftentimes, treatment is reactive rather than proactive. So, in the…

  • Do Affirmations Really Work?

    Do Affirmations Really Work?

    Do affirmations really work? For everyone? This is a very common question. My answer is yes…and no. Like everything else, affirmations can be used incorrectly. Hence, they can cause more harm than the good it was supposed to do. If you’re interested in using affirmations, I encourage you to explore why you want to use…

  • What is Abundant Living?

    What is Abundant Living?

    Have you ever wondered about an abundant life? Have you ever considered what it means to have an abundant life? What is abundant living for you? I believe that when you are nourishing yourself in all areas of your life, your health feels like its at its prime. When you are taking the time to truly…

  • How to Live a Committed Life

    How to Live a Committed Life

    Do you want to know how to live a committed life? Do you want to improve the quality of your life? In working with clients, I’ve come to realize that people are afraid of commitment. People are afraid to go all in for a goal or a dream. Most of us are afraid that we…