Why You Should Seek Holistic Healing

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We have all been created with mind, body, and spirit. If our truest desires are to become the best version of ourselves, then compartmentalizing our healing does not work. Thus, I would like to discuss why you should seek holistic healing.

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is about exploring and addressing painful experiences that we have lived through. We often come out of these experiences with varying thought processes, beliefs, behaviors, and hurts, that influence our present. And if left unresolved, directly control our futures. Hence, emotional healing is about exploring and learning about these experiences and taking the time to build coping skills and boundaries and adjustments to help us move forward.

Emotional healing grants us the space to sit with the emotions we experience and take time to explore these feelings. They often make us feel uncomfortable, but we must process them to release them. Otherwise, they build on each other and overwhelm us. The unconscious emotions that we stay away from naming eventually unconsciously control us. We can’t build healthy lives holding on to past hurts, past experiences, and fearing the future.

Physical Healing

Oftentimes, people only pay attention to their bodies when something is broken in it. That is, when our bodies signal to us that something hurts or that something is not quite right. But what if we could transition our views on our bodies so that we could learn to become more proactive about caring for ourselves.

Scripture tells us that our bodies are God’s temple. In addition, for us believers, the Holy Spirit resides in our bodies. Therefore, it is imperative to care for our bodies in acknowledgement of this truth, as the temples they are to God. Also, our bodies are necessary to carry out the work God has purposed us to do. Hence, we should be proactive and willing to care for our bodies in order to keep them in optimal shape.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is another area that we tend to leave to chance. Spiritual healing is about embracing our connection to God and to His creations. We were never made to exist in isolation. Nor were we created to live human only lives.

Our spirits are energies that existed before this planet and will live on after because of its connection to God. Hence, we must live this life in acceptance with this knowledge. Anything else is less than how God called us to live and who He called us to be.

When we take a wider stance of who we are, we start to see that everything is connected and that we can find purpose, meaning, love, acceptance, joy, and peace in our connections to God, our experiences, and our relationships with others. God wants us to be connected to Him and to invite Him into our personal lives. He is a relational God and has a shaped us in this very same image. Hence, look at your lives and look at the connections you have. Ask yourselves:

Are they authentic, truthful?

Are they deep or shallow?

Do they bring purpose and meaning?

Do they reflect the heart of God?

Or are they broken and in pieces?

Are they conditional?

I encourage you to consider how you can engage in holistic healing in your life. Explore the choices, relationships, and connections that you’ve developed. And where they fall short of who God is calling you to be, reach out to Him, and seek a therapist, and consider how you can begin engaging in holistic healing.

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