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  • Choosing a New Path
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    Choosing a New Path

    In the past year, my career path has been changed. I’m trying to align my path with God’s plan for me.

  • Healing, Wholeness, & Wellness
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    Healing, Wholeness, & Wellness

    The recent increase in mental health awareness is beautiful to see. For so long, mental wellness was either denied, undermined, or lumped with physical wellness. There is definitely a need to increase awareness so that people can learn how to better care for themselves. But oftentimes, treatment is reactive rather than proactive. So, in the…

  • Toxic Positivity
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    Toxic Positivity

    There are many benefits of social media and technology, including increased access to information, increased connection with people around the world, and increased opportunities to pursue varied interests. However, as with anything created, there are drawbacks as well as the positives. With increased social media and technological use, people are being conditioned to the idea…

  • How Being Emotionally Disconnected Limits Your Life
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    How Being Emotionally Disconnected Limits Your Life

    Learn how being emotionally disconnected disrupts your quality of life.

  • Do Affirmations Really Work?

    Do Affirmations Really Work?

    Do affirmations really work? For everyone? This is a very common question. My answer is yes…and no. Like everything else, affirmations can be used incorrectly. Hence, they can cause more harm than the good it was supposed to do. If you’re interested in using affirmations, I encourage you to explore why you want to use…

  • Why You Should Seek Holistic Healing

    Why You Should Seek Holistic Healing

    We have all been created with mind, body, and spirit. If our truest desires are to become the best version of ourselves, then compartmentalizing our healing does not work. Thus, I would like to discuss why you should seek holistic healing. Emotional Healing Emotional healing is about exploring and addressing painful experiences that we have…