I’ve worked as a therapist for almost 7 years. I’ve known that I wanted to be a therapist since I was a child. Personally, my own interactions with therapy only cemented my desire to help people find their own healing and wholeness. Therapy provides a safe space to come face-to-face with your true self. It creates a safe space to allow you to explore the emotions we often bury out of shame, fear, embarrassment, and uncertainty. In therapy, we find that we don’t always have to be pretend, or deflect, or fear our own vulnerability. Those emotions that we often fear or doubt, we can make room for them and learn to explore their messages.

As a therapist, I often meet clients in their most painful moments. I know that it can be difficult to show up authentically. And be brave enough to take up more space than we often think we can or should. Therapy simply offers us a tool to unlearn harmful lessons we’ve learnt and to create new narratives and stories for ourselves. Therapy grants us the space to facilitate our own healing and wholeness. We are offered a rare opportunity to invest in our own healing.

We get to:

  • Develop new mindsets
  • Turn a blank page
  • Learn new ways to cope
  • Choose how we want to show up in the world
  • Create new skills
  • Write new stories
  • Build legacies
  • Achieve new levels of healing
  • Define wholeness for ourselves

Therapy can be a long or short process. It all depends on your need. Therapy can be something you revisit from time to time for maintenance purposes. Therapy can be a place you go for check-ins with yourselves.

Your experience in therapy often depends on finding a clinician that you feel supported by. I often note that finding a therapist is like finding the right barber or hair stylist. It’s a huge decision!

Feel free to drop any questions you may have on therapy, and I will be sure to offer any assistance I can.

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